Best 5 websites to buy cheap Domain Names

If you are planning for a new business or you have got a great idea of any business, first thing which is to be done to get a website name for your business idea. Now the confusion starts. Should I contact any website development company? how can I get a domain name for my website? and many more questions. They feel that this is very complicated and start looking for a website development agency. My answer is a BIG NO to them. You can easily purchase a domain name online for your website. The only condition to get a domain name is – that domain you are looking for should be available online. That’s it. So here is the information of top 5 websites to buy cheap Domain Names.

So here are the best websites where you can easily pick your domain names by paying some nominal amount (Obviously you have to purchase it). Also there is always a confusion among people that they should buy domain name and web hosting from the same company. This is wrong. You can purchase domain name and hosting from different company and there is no effect on your website. You go ahead and buy your desired domain.

Here are the best 5 websites to buy cheap domain names where you can buy inexpensive domain name for your website:

1) GoDaddy

websites to buy cheap Domain Names

GoDaddy is a giant player in Domain industry and daddy of all the domain registrars. GoDaddy had a major failure in 2012 but now he managed to get its reputation back in last few years. They claim that they provide domain name at Rs 99 Per Year ($1.99 Per Year) but in reality, it costs Rs 500 ($10) for the first year and Rs 800 ($16) for every year after that and there are lot of additional hidden charges which comes in front before making payment. It is one of the best websites to buy cheap Domain Names.

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2) Big Rocks

websites to buy cheap Domain Names

Big Rocks is second giant player in Domain industry. Big Rocks have 6 Million Domain registered with them which is claimed by their company and one of the leading domain registrant company. They claim selling domain name at Rs 99 Per Year ($1.99 Per Year) which is for the first year and later on you will have to pay approx Rs 800 ($16) for every year.

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3) provides .com domain names starting $9.99 Per year. They offers the cheapest domain names registration service. are one of the famous and preferred websites to buy cheap Domain Names. We rank them truly Value for money in Domain registrars in world. accepts major payment options like Master Card, VISA, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

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Another giant is which is one of the best websites to buy cheap Domain Names. They offer $10.00 Per year for .com, .net and .org domain registration and they have a great support technical team which helps you 24 X 7 for cheap registration. We do not say their domain are the cheapest but they have a flexible plans in terms of pricing and personalised customer support.

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Namecheap is another famous Giant in Domain registrars and one of the best websites to buy cheap Domain Names. it is also a popular brand for buying domain name. You can buy .com domain names for $10.99 Per year. Also you can buy .net and .org domains for $11.49 Per year. They have a great service and they offer a quality support by their quality technical Support team. is quite popular for their discounts offer on social media like twitter and Facebook contest where they offer special discounts on domain names for a particular period of time. is also considered as alternate to GoDaddy domains.

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  1. Do analysis of pricing and value thoroughly.
  2. Do check the final price by going to the final payment page as some companies might add up some tax amount on the final payment page.
  3. Make sure you’re going through an ICANN-registered registrar.
  4. Check to see if you get any Email accounts as well.
  5. Check policy for domain transfer if you would like to transfer the domain to any other company. Many registrar like Godaddy will not allow you to transfer domains outside of Godaddy for first 60 days.


Here is the complete guide of best 5 websites to buy cheap Domain Names. So which website you are using to buy your domain. Do share your comments below and do let us know if you are using any other domain registrar. Do Not forget to share this Domain purchasing guide with your friends and relatives through Facebook, twitter and google plus.

Still have some confusion on process of buying a domain name or how to buy a domain name online? click here to see the video tutorial on ‘How to book a domain Name from GoDaddy’.